Yargo celebrates CD release with a brand new program!

yargo french poster.jpg

While their newly released CD recording mainly focuses on the wind instruments as the equivalent of the human voice, the Aug. 25 concert will feature a completely new program, celebrating the vibrant music of France. It ranges from some of the best-known masterworks like Debussy’s “Afternoon of a Faune” to shorter, lighter pieces, like Bizet’s “Children’s Games” to Poulenc’s cabaret-style “Paths of Love.” 

The majority of the works on the program will showcase arrangements created especially for this performance by Frigo's DMA student in saxophone, Charlie Young. “Some of the arrangements are adaptations from trios for other instrument combinations of violin, cello, piano or flute, clarinet, piano,” said Frigo. “In the case of the breathtaking second movement of the Ravel Piano Concerto, Charlie took the woodwind solos from the original orchestra parts and arranged them for flute and saxophone, while piano plays the original concerto part.”

The combination of saxophone, flute and piano is not a common one, so transcriptions of works for other instruments are often employed by the trio: the flute as a violin or saxophone as a cello or another woodwind instrument, for example. Each member of the trio also always receives a solo feature in their concerts, which allows a greater palette of tone color and expression to complement the ensemble works.